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New release, DeadBeat, available now!

Well, here it is, available as a download and hard copy CD from my Bandcamp site.  I hope you like it….

“This one is for all the deadbeats out there— a collection of delusional rants, hopes and fears, and plaintiff reflections on 2020. There’s plenty of fun stuff in there too, especially if you like guitars and bars… Rock, blues, boogie and alt country to die for.   Lots of new songs coming through too so hopefully this album will pay for the next!”  BBB Nov 2020

Worldwide digital distribution will kick in sometime in 2021, once I’ve actually sold enough copies for real money rather than the paltry streaming payouts!

New album on the way

I’ve started recording my new album – at last!  First day complete at The Old Church Studio in Thropton with Adam Forster on the desk and drums on the 13th August  – two tracks in the bag (“Sundown in Santa Cruz” and “The Face In The Mirror”).  I’ll be at Mill Studios in Alnwick from the 26th August for three days with Ally Lee at the desk, then back again with Adam in September all being well.

All contributions gratefully received via –

My Big Bedroom Thurs Aug 20th, 8pm UK time

Hey I’m live streaming (high qual vid and audio) from My Big Bedroom on Thursday Aug 30th from 8pm – 45 mins plus.  Details here and the event itself will appear here 

It’d be soooo good to see you there, but I’ve have my begging bowl out to help pay for recording the new album.  All contributions completely voluntary to  It all goes towards the costs of recording the new album.  Thx!!!

Tynedale Virtual Beer Festival 19th and 20th June

Friday 19th June, 8.15, Tynedale (virtual) Beer Festival.  Starts 7pm and runs through evening.  Similar set up Saturday 20th June. 

Check out the beer fest FB page for details.  I’m on solo live streaming from 8.15 on the Beer Fest FB page, but the event runs on the 19th and 20th from 7pm each night.  Local breweries arranging beer pick ups 🙂

Fender Acoustasonic – is it a keeper?

So, I’ve been trying out an Acoustasonic.  I figured it might save lugging a large acoustic guitar around as well as adding an alternative/lighter electric (telecaster) sound.  Here’s a couple from it’s second outing – a gig at Barry’s place in Sunderland (Barry from The Futureheads).  Covers I’m afraid.

I’m On Fire

Cheque Book

To Love Somebody

I’m quite pleased, but I’ll not be retiring my Godin in a hurry…

Folsom Prison Blues