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sutter creek santa cruz SacramentoBack from the states – SF, Sausalito, Tahoe, Sacramento, Sutter Creek and Santa Cruz – and doing mostly Solo and Ma Kelly’s Boys until Christmas, when I’ll have a think about what to do next.  Always dangerous 😉

I’m feeling like it’s time to get a bit more Outlaw Country feel going on.  Bunch of songs coming together to record in 2019 and maybe put a new band together doing hard edged country and my solo material – working title, still Bates Motel.  Maybe I’ll just go for a three piece with foot percussion….  Thinking on.  Inspired by Steve Earle’s latest album.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing some of you on the road.


Bridge Street In The Rain – especially for this afternoon…

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Look out, Rochdale, sat August 11th

The Ma Kelly’s Boys‘ road trip hits The Rochdale Empire this Saturday 11th August.

MKB Rochdale


We’re not exactly lookalikes (as you’ll see from the pics) but we definitely nail the vintage frantic four sound of the early 70s, covering songs from between 1970 and 1976 and taking our name from the classic Ma Kelly’s Greasy Spoon album from 1970.

Doors open early, but the band won’t hit the stage until 10pm and will deliver two sets of classic quo from In My Chair to Mystery Song, with songs like Down Down, Big Fat Mama, Oh Baby, Paper Plane and Roll Over Lay Down in between.

So, if you’re in the area get down for a bit of old style boogie.

We’ll be back up the road to Newcastle to appear at Trillions on Friday 24th August – classic band, classic rock bar.

MKB tril

BBB demo’s Ghost Pickups

Wilf from Ghost Pickups UK made me some pickups to try on my Bridge Street Guitars Bridgecaster.  Here’s a vid from the weekend – see what you think.  It’s worth getting in touch with Wilf to talk about your needs – he turns things into the sounds you’re after.  I was after a powerful bridge sound, with reduced trebel, and a more open and airy neck pickup sound.  I think he nailed it 😉  First proper try through, jusy recorded on my IPhone 8 without any special mics or set up.

Lovin’ the look of these too, so might get mine redone as relics: