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Time for a seasonal break….

Unlike lots of hardworking musos, I like a break at this time of year.  It means I can spend time with my family and also go out and catch a few gigs as a punter.  I’m lucky to have the opportunity to do both, and to perform regularly throughout the year.  Keep an eye on those less fortunate, and also keep an eye on yourselves too.  I’ll see you in the new year or will maybe bump into at a gig over the break.  Thanks again for your support all through the year.  It really makes a difference.

3 gigs – one online streaming – this week!

Back from Palma and gigging solo again.  Three this week.

First off, online streaming gig this Wednesday 10th July, evening, 8.30 – 9.30 UK time.  All originals (might sneak one or two BBB style covers in), only £2 to view this never to be repeated session – My Big Bedroom –  Get yourself signed up – especially if you can’t get out to gigs much or you’re elsewhere in the UK or overseas from us here.

Then, last minute booking just come in for  the famous for good taste and top quality beers, The Schooner, in Gateshead.  My normal mixed set for this one. 9pm start, Friday 12th July.

Saturday 13th July late afternoon I’m at The Quays,  5 Tubwell Row, Darlington, DL1 1NU, 6 – 8 pm.