Monthly Archives: May 2014

New Album For The Summer

Things are beginning to take shape for the follow up to 2013s big selling “Trigger Finger” which introduced BBB solo to the world.  The new album (working title “Bridge Street”) will be recorded in July, all being well.

“The material is coming together well, and I’ll be using Mill Studios in Alnwick again as it just feels right there.  Most of the material will be new and original, but I might pop at least one cover in there.  Expect hard edged alt blues alongside gritty alt country, lots of guitars, foot stomping and drum loops.  Oh, and this time I’ll have some harmonica on there to reflect my work with Oil City Shakers.”

“I’ll be using Bridge Street Guitars, complete with Custom CoolEtch etched metal parts, Thikwater Cigar Box Guitars, my custom made Stoneham Amplification 30 watt dual channel head, various acoustics, home made guitars and bits and pieces and a bunch of foot percussion.”

– BBB, May 2014