Monthly Archives: October 2014

Bridge Street, available now!

Bridge Street, the new album, is available now via bandcamp – .  Here you can download it, and album art, in a variety of formats.  You can also order a hardcopy CD for posting out.

“Songs about life, love, death, happiness and hopelessness in the modern world – a roller coaster of emotions, and a must buy!”

It’s a cracker!  Headphones, darkened room, your tipple of choice and escape Christmas for a while through being transported to the Tyne Delta and Bad Bob’s stomping ground…


Also be able through iTunes, Amazon and other online outlets from 1st November, and you can listen on Spotify, Rdio and other streaming apps.

Alternatively, pick it up from BBB direct at gigs, or via an email request for a post out hard copy –

Don’t forget Trigger Finger – the first album! Available as a digital download, here: and there’s more…..

“Come Home” from Trigger Finger, has been re-released as a download single on iTunes and Amazon (and other digital outlets).