Monthly Archives: September 2017

New release for Sept 2017 – Let It Go EP

Tine to release three new songs as the “Let It Go” EP.

Let It Go EP Cover ShotThis 3 track EP was inspired by travelling through California. You get the laid back Americana of “Sausalito”, followed by the California Rock influenced “Let It Go” and then the story focused country melancholia of “Sometimes”. Pretty varied stuff, but just where my head has been lately. I’ll work out a direction one day.

I hope you like it OK.



All songs written and composed by Chris Davison as Bad Bob Bates.
All vocals and stringed instruments – Bad Bob Bates
Keyboards and percussion – Ally Lee
Production and Engineering – Ally Lee

Recorded at Mill Studios, Alnwick, August 2016 and Sept 2017

EP title pic – Janie Davison
Let It Go track pic – Bernie Penman
Sausalito track pic – Chris Davison
Sometimes track pic – Chris Davison