Monthly Archives: November 2017


Well we’ve lost some more icons (including Mr Petty, and electronics wizard Dik Mik), but we keep on playing and performing and buying and enjoying.

My year has been good.  The Velvets was a great alternative project, and looks to have legs for 2018 too.  Great people to work with and the national tour was a really positive experience.  Solo and duo work has been great too (Let It Go EP has gone down a bomb!), and good to see Ma Kelly’s Boys becoming a go to act for many looking to enjoy vintage rock and boogie – going national next year.

The back end of 2017 also sees the return of The Bandits – great to be back with this real pub rock trio, with dates coming in for 2018 too.  The Bandits will also be playing some of my original full band material from the last couple of releases.

So thanks to all who have come to see me play from London to Glasgow, and to those who have bought, streamed or listened to my music.  Have a peaceful festive period and remember what’s important in life – be happy, be kind and do as little harm as you can.  Here’s to 2018 when it comes…

Let It Go EP Cover Shot