Monthly Archives: February 2021

February update – guitars, gigs, albums and stuff

Well, we’re still locked down so no gigs for the forseeable, and, probably like many of you, I’ve lost a few friends alomg the way.  I think I’ve built four guitars for Bridge Street Guitars over the last year and completed my latest one for a custom order last weekend, so that was positive.  I’ll sell the others when the world opens up again.  Here’s a vid of my demoing the most recent one for the buyer.  You can keep up to speed with my builds on the Bridge Street Guitars FaceBook page if you’re into that sort of thing.

I might work myself up to doing a couple of livestreams again sometime soon, so keep an eye on my facebook pages – Bob Bates and Bad Bob Bates

The new album, DeadBeat, is selling well and I’ve been doing well in the IBBA charts (Independent Blues Broadcasters).  Hoping for a review in Bluesmatters magazine soon – fingers crossed.  New songs already coming along for the next one.

I’m seriously considering putting a band together for a couple of DeadBeat full live performances once we get Covid under control and the world opens up again – watch this space.  I’ll choose a couple of great venues for it.  Any venues fancying a bit of BBB solo or even the full band when things are better, please drop me a line – check out the bookings page for the email contact.

Day job keeping me alive for income – hope you’re all doing OK out there.  Stay safe.