BBB solo livestream from The Globe, 8pm, Sat 15th May

This is likely to be my last livestream for a while – and it’s from the wonderful community owned The Globe in Newcastle, as part of their livestream series.  They’ve been doing fantastic things keeping live music alive so I’m hoping you can support me by subscribing to this event.


Event by The Globe and Bad Bob Bates
Saturday, May 15, 2021 at 8 PM UTC+01
Public Anyone can attend
Bad Bob Bates is a veteran North East England musician and lives on the banks of the Tyne in an old stone house to the west of Newcastle/Gateshead. Fuelled by second hand 70s blues and r+b, topped up with alt country, Americana, psychedelia, punk/new wave and the current mash of garage blues/electronica and rock, he mostly plays across the bars, clubs and festivals of northern England, with occasional forays further south, up to the lowlands of Scotland, and across the water in the USA.
His solo shows involve massive sounding foot drums as well as custom made guitars from 4 to 6 string, and a good dollop of slide to boot, topped by his characteristic gravelly vocals. The songs veer from supercharged garage blues originals and covers to country laments, choc full of rants and observations on life, death, society, happiness and misery – often all rolled together as one.
After years of playing in bands (The Rhythm Bandits, The Bandits, Oil City Con
nection, Oil City Shakers, The Velvets, Ma Kelly’s Boys and more), BBB has been performing and releasing his own solo music since 2013, and you can find it all at . As we move towards normality again he’s putting together a 6-piece band to showcase his original recordings to live audiences, but catching him solo will give you the raw, stripped back high energy BBB in full flight.
So, I’m hoping you can join me.