See BBB live as solo, duo or full band 

All live dates currently cancelled      

Live streams coming up:

FB My Big Bedroom, 8pm UK time, Thursday 20th August.  Via this link –  The PayPal tips bucket is at – all contributions to the new album costs.

Others just as I fancy – keep an eye on

An actual gig! :

12pm, August 30th, outdoors at the Two Pennies, 1 Northumberland Pl, North Shields NE30 1QP  45 minute BBB solo sert followed by me sitting in with the Scott Wall Band on guitar.

Live dates still in book – likely to be cancelled:

Sun 30th Aug          6pm     MKB, Benton Ale House, Benton

Sat 12th Sept                        MKB, Crook Hotel. Crook

Sat Sept 19th                        Ma Kelly’s Boys plus other 2 tribs, Queens Hall, Hexham with We Are Champion – A tribute to Queen and RIFF RAFF AC/DC tribute

Fri 27th march                     BBB Solo, Mr Ants, Hexham

Sun 27th Sept         6pm     BBB Solo, The Half Moon, Ryton

Sat Oct 3rd                           Ma Kelly’s Boys, The Grand Hotel, Bishop Auckland

Sat Oct 17th                         BBB Solo, The Barrels, Berwick

Sun 1st Nov            6pm     BBB Solo, The Half Moon, Ryton

Sat Nov 7th                          Ma Kelly’s Boys, Backstage at The Green, The Green Hotel, Kinross

Sat 14th Nov                        BBB solo, Ziggy’s, Fowler street, South Shields, NE33 2LR

Sat Nov 28                           Oil City Shakers (duo), Frog and Ferret, Spennymoor




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