See BBB live as solo, duo or full band (band gigs in bold)

Live Gigs:

Sat 9th July             8pm?, BBB solo The Golden Lion, Corbridge, Northumberland

Fri 15th July            10pm, The Bates Motel headlining the first night of the We Are Back Blues Festival, The Cluny, Newcastle

Sat 16th July           4pm, BBB solo, We Are Back Blues Festival, The Cluny, Newcastle

Sun 17th July          4.30pm Ma Kelly’s Boys (70s Quo tribute), The Crook Hotel, Crook

Sat 23rd July           pm tbc, Oil City Shakers (duo), Little Lindi Fest, Lambton Estate, Little Lindi – The Family Festival. It’s a kind of magic! (

Sat 30th July           8pm, Ma Kelly’s Boys (old Quo), Ryton Rugby Club Beers fest

Sun 31st July          4.30 Ma Kelly’s Boys (old quo), The Fox, W End Terrace, Hexham NE46 3DB

Fri 12th Aug           8.30pm, The Ghost Riders, The Tannery, Hexham

Sat 13th Aug          9pm, Oil City Shakers (duo), The Frog and Ferret, Spennymoor

Sun 14th Aug          afternoon, Ma Kelly’s Boys (old Quo), Wilton Park Bandstand, Hawick

Fri 19th Aug             8pm, BBB solo, The Tanners Arms, 3 Hotspur Place, Alnwick, NE66 1QF

Sat 20th Aug          9pm, The Ghost Riders, The Golden Lion, Corbridge

Sun 21st Aug           3pm, BBB solo, The Wheatsheaf, 6 Princes St, Shiney Row, Houghton le Spring DH4 4QX

Fri 26th Aug         9pm, The Bates Motel, The Wheatsheaf, Corbridge

Sun 28th Aug          4pm, BBB solo, The Lounge Bar, Amble

Sat 3rd Sept       7.30pm, The Bates Motel, Iris Stage, Stormin the Castle MAG bike rally, Witton Castle, Co Durham

Sat 17th Sept          8pm, BBB solo, The Moors Tavern, Spennymoor

Fri 30th Sept           9pm, The Ghost Riders, The Crook Hotel, 56 Hope St, Crook

Sat 1st Oct                2pm ish, BBB solo, Riverside, Morpeth as part of Food and Drink Festival

Fri 21st Oct              9pm ’til midnight, Oil City Shakers (duo), Blues & Bourbon, Newcastle

Sat 22nd Oct       9pm, The Bates Motel, Radio Rooms, 95 MAIN ST,  TWEEDMOUTH, BERWICK-UPON-TWEED, TD15 2AW

Fri 28th Oct        9pm, The Bates Motel, Platform 1, Bedlington Station

Sat 29th Oct           9pm, Ma Kelly’s Boys (70s Quo tribute), The White Swan, Morpeth

Fri 11th Nov        4.45pm ish, THE BATES MOTEL, Hallelujah Fest, Hartlepool Steelies (South Durham Social Club)

Fri 9th Dec             8pm, BBB solo, The Tanners Arms, 3 Hotspur Place, Alnwick, NE66 1QF

Sat 10th Dec          9pm, Ma Kelly’s Boys (70s Quo tribute), Backstage at The Green Hotel, Kinross, Scotland, KY13 8AS



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