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Fender Acoustasonic – is it a keeper?

So, I’ve been trying out an Acoustasonic.  I figured it might save lugging a large acoustic guitar around as well as adding an alternative/lighter electric (telecaster) sound.  Here’s a couple from it’s second outing – a gig at Barry’s place in Sunderland (Barry from The Futureheads).  Covers I’m afraid.

I’m On Fire

Cheque Book

To Love Somebody

I’m quite pleased, but I’ll not be retiring my Godin in a hurry…

Folsom Prison Blues


Time for a seasonal break….

Unlike lots of hardworking musos, I like a break at this time of year.  It means I can spend time with my family and also go out and catch a few gigs as a punter.  I’m lucky to have the opportunity to do both, and to perform regularly throughout the year.  Keep an eye on those less fortunate, and also keep an eye on yourselves too.  I’ll see you in the new year or will maybe bump into at a gig over the break.  Thanks again for your support all through the year.  It really makes a difference.